Many companies and organizations need to record the information about people visiting their facilities. In many environments, visitors are still registered in a paper log book. While this method is perceived as quick and easy, it provides little security and makes the information almost unusable to use. Beside it leaves the information open to be read by others.

Visitoria addresses these issues and makes it easy to register your visitors and keep the record of their visit in a secure database. The application lets you also print paper badges with visitor information like name and who he/she is visiting.


Visitoria is a web based application where you may install it on your own server/computer (Linux or Windows) inside your own network or hosted on our server. Local installation does not require internet access. Once installed it can run by itself (embeded webserver) and anybody may get access to it given they have valid user credentials.

The installer supports for the momen only Linux and Windows. If you want to run the application on other platforms you have to do a manualt installation which is very easy.


Screen shots

System requirements:

Operation System: Linux and Windows
Java version: 1.7.x or higher
Disk space: about 80 MB
Supporting languages English, Kurdish Sorani

We have the possibility to customize the application, integrate it into existing system and add new features by request.