Purchase visitoria license

For a standard license with 2 users (administrator and a limited user) please choose the period of your lisence:

A standard license gives 2 users access to the system. An administrator can setup and tweek the system and the normal user can be used to register visitors. An administrator user is also able to register visitors, but it is not recommended. Self-registration access is enabled by default and does not require any login and hence you do not need to purchase any extra user license for it. The standrad license covers the need of most companies, but some companies need to have many users accessing the system. In this case they need to contact us and we will create the license they need.

For the moment we only support oline payment using Paypal. If you are not able to pay through paypal please send us a message either though our contact page or by choosing none standard license from previous page.


1 year2 year3 yearNone standard
Price (NOK)348059168352


The license is a service license where you get all updates and support for free during the entire valid license period